<![CDATA[SOOKMYUNG TESOL MA - Message Board]]>Wed, 15 Nov 2017 00:49:19 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[The information of thesis defense]]>Wed, 15 Nov 2017 04:51:11 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/the-information-of-thesis-defensePlease check the following schedule with titles and feel free to join the meeting.

Date: 25th November, 2017
Time: 10:30 am - 16:30 pm 
Location: SookMyung Professional Center (Injaegwan) building #308.

To the thesis defense presenter: 
Please send your PPT file to the MA TESOL email account one day before your thesis defense and bring approximately 20 copies of your handouts (double-sided copy is O.K) for the audiences on the day of the defense.

For questions, send an e-mail (tesolma@sookmyung.ac.kr).
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<![CDATA[Teaching the English in Action Writing class]]>Mon, 13 Nov 2017 06:49:27 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/teaching-the-english-in-action-writing-classWe are looking for 5 people to help Prof. van Vlack teach the English in Action Writing class while the Practicum people are taking their exams.

Date - Thursday November 23
Time - Class runs from 6:00-7:50. We need to be there by 5:45 to set up the desks.
Place - Myungshin 605

The teachers act as group leaders. Essentially this means she or he leads the group making sure they understand the tasks and providing scaffolding while the students are performing tasks.
It is a good chance to see how the teaching part of the practicum works.

To make this clear, people who are interested in the class to send an email to Prof. van Vlack (vxvlack@gmail.com)  exclaiming their interest. The detailed lesson plan will be sent to you once you email Prof. van Vlack.

<![CDATA[Submission of Application for Thesis / Comprehensive Exam]]>Tue, 10 Oct 2017 01:27:50 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/submission-of-application-for-thesis-comprehensive-exam1656375Picture
Dear.  Thesis proposal  and practicum students,

The submission period is  from  Oct.10(Tue)  to 12 (Thu)

1. Log in to the Sookmyung Portal System

2. Go to  Academics(학사) -> Graduation(졸업) -> Thesis Management(논문관리)

                -> Thesis / Project / Exam Application (학위논문 / 과제 / 시험신청)

● Thesis students  = 학위평가구분 -> 학위논문 -> Write the tile of your thesis(Both Korean and English) 

● Practicum students = 학위평가구분 -> 학위자격시험(You don't need to write 시험제목)

​4. Click on 'submit'

If  "작성 대상자가 아닙니다." message pops up on your screen, please call the Office of Registrar at 710-9995

<![CDATA[Information on how to find the thesis of our previous students]]>Fri, 22 Sep 2017 05:55:58 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/information-on-how-to-find-the-thesis-of-our-previous-studentsIf you want to take a look at the thesis of our previous students but do not know how to find it, go to FAQs for current students under "program info" domain. Under the question number 2, there is a link to the file explaining how to find our previous students' thesis on-line.]]><![CDATA[A Journal committee meeting]]>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 01:11:01 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/a-journal-committee-meetingThere will be a Journal committee meeting on Saturday, September 23th at 11:00
It will be held at the Haengpa building 210.

The purpose of the meeting is to determine who will be involved in this new volume of the journal (Spring 2018) and see what kinds of jobs they want to do. The more hands the lighter the work.

Anyone who is interested in joining or finding out about the committee are all welcome to come to the meeting.
This is an important part of the MA experience, so please take a little time out to get involved.
<![CDATA[2017 Fall Semester Courses]]>Thu, 24 Aug 2017 02:10:51 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/2017-fall-semester-courses2017 Fall semester course schedule is now available. 
Please check the below PDF file.

Please note that the schedule and classrooms may change.
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<![CDATA[Fall 2017 Academic Calendar]]>Fri, 18 Aug 2017 05:09:40 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/fall-2017-academic-calendarFall 2017 Academic Calendar is now available 
Please check the below PDF file.
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<![CDATA[Course Information for Fall 2017- Prof. Kang]]>Fri, 18 Aug 2017 02:07:23 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/course-information-for-fall-2017-prof-kang
  • Child Psychology 
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<![CDATA[Course Information for Fall 2017- Prof. McNeil]]>Fri, 04 Aug 2017 03:07:17 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/course-information-for-fall-2017-prof-mcneil
  • CMC in Language Education
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  • Research Methods
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<![CDATA[Job Openings for Fall 2017]]>Wed, 26 Jul 2017 05:54:02 GMThttp://tesolma.com/message-board/job-openings-for-fall-20174431585The TESOL MA program has two part-time positions available for the Fall 2017 semester. 
There are two part-time positions. To be specific, the first one is part-time position of Web Assistant, and the other one is RA position for Dr. McNeil.  Students can apply for more than one position. Below please find a description of each of these jobs.

The deadline for the application is August 4, 2017.  
Web Assistant

Job Information: The job mainly entails maintaining the departmental (MA) website, developing new ways to enhance the program through varied communication tools, and communicating with students through the website.

The position is set for one semester, starting on September 1 and ends on February 28, 2018).

The Web Assistant is required to work 12-16 hours per week under the direction of the department head and the payment is at the 교육조교 level (1.6 million). Some of the work at least can be done from a remote location but the Web Assistant is expected to work from school at least a few hours per week. 

Any MA student interested in this should contact professor van Vlack (vxvlack@gmail.com) by 
Email should include the following information.

● Students full name, current semester and student number in the title
(ex. Hong Gil Dong, 2nd semester, ss# 1551234, Applying for Web Assistant position)

● Resume (English) + Cover letter

RA position for Dr. McNeil

Job Information: Assist the professor in conducting research and classes. 

RA is required to work 12-16 hours per week under the direction of Professor McNeil and the payment is at the 교육조교 level (1.6 million). 

The position starts in September and is set for one semester.

If you are interested for the position, please send email to Dr. McNeil (levi.mcneil@gamil.com) before July 21st.  

Email should include your resume and a paragraph about why you want to be an RA. 

If you have questions about any of these positions please contact the MA TESOL office as soon as possible. 

Email: tesolma@sookmyung.ac.kr

phone: 02-2077-7760